Angie’s Mexican Restaurant is an example of what makes Austin a fantastic foodie experience.  They don’t have a website, handwritten specials are posted on a piece of paper to the front door, spicy salsa and thick chips in melamine bowls, decorations are bright colored walls and a blaring TV… but they serve great homemade breakfast tacos which are served all day.

TIP:  Hours Mon & Sun 7am-4pm; Wed-Sat 7am-9:30pm.  Closed Tuesdays. Call in order for faster service at 512-476-5413 as service can be slow. $5 minimum for credit cards (depending on cashier).  



Across the street from Angie’s Mexican Restaurant is the Texas State Cemetery.  Listing a cemetery may seem strange for a foodie experience, but this posting is in May and Memorial Day is a great time to give honor. Full of gorgeous monuments dedicated to Texas history, with graves of legends such as Stephen F. Austin,it’s a perfect place to pay homage to those who have paved the way for Texans.

TIP:  Open 8am-5pm daily. Parking at Navasota Street in Visitors Center. Tours Available.

 Both locations within  100 feet 1307 East 7th Street in East Austin.

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