Chi’lantro, with 5 different food trucks around Austin, has one of the biggest foodie followings in the city.  Korean BBQ tacos are their specialty and the Kimchi fries will make the tastebuds dance in awe with the generous toppings of cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, onions, sriracha and cilantro.  One of their trucks will be parked in front of the Convention Center for the SXSW South Bites, otherwise, find their schedule online or via Twitter.  

TIP:  Catering also available.  Multiple Austin area locations.
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Open to all SXSW attendees and the general public, SouthBites is an amazing way to peruse through some of the best food trucks in Austin.  Previously featured options have been the brisket at Micklethwait Craft Meats, Thai Chicken Karaage from celebrity Chef Qui’s East Side Kings, and an artisan grilled cheese from Burro Cheese Kitchen.  What an awesome food experience to try amazing food within feet of each.  You will quickly find out why Austin has received nonstop recognition for their food truck culture. Check back next year for the 2016 selections!

TIP:  Actual address is 614 Driskill Street.  Before or after SXSW, all of these local food trucks can be found throughout Austin.

Both locations in the same Trailer Park area across from Convention Center at 614 Driskill Street, Downtown.  PLEASE NOTE:  DURING SXSW, this is not open but all of the trailers mentioned are worth seeking and finding their location.