A bold, but true statement…meat is not missed at Bouldin Creek Cafe.  On their website, it states “…we have shown vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike that veggie fare can both be flavorful and satisfying.”  Many breakfast, lunch or dinner items can be made Vegan, Gluten or Dairy Free, but definitely try the Fajitas Italianas with Roasted Portabella and Zucchini strips with locally grown tomatoes and homemade chipotle-pecan pesto or the Tofu Scramble for any of their breakfast items.

TIP: Pet Friendly Patio.  Happy Hour specials daily from 3-7pm.   
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Right down the street is Juicebox & Soup Peddler.  David Ansel, the legendary Soup Peddler, has been providing Austin with homemade soup for over a decade.  Soup is Love is the mantra as “We take a really long time to cook our soup, just like you would when  you cook for someone you love.”  With one bite, you will quickly realize why Soup Peddler has grown to serving 400 gallons of soup every week. Soup is healthy, good for your immune system, and a perfect way to be healthy in 2014!

TIP: They have Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Dairy Free Options.  Delivery available. Soup Peddler’s story, including recipes available at the store and through
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Both locations within 200 feet of each other at 1900 South First Street in Bouldin Creek.