NadaMoo!, a local Austin company, challenged the fundamental core of ice cream and has succeeded in making a unique and appetizing non-dairy ice cream. All of the flavors contain a coconut milk, tapioca, and agave nectar base and has given lactose intolerants and those with allergies a reason to celebrate with authentic tasting ice cream.

TIP: Lactose intolerant friendly. Available for purchase at Whole Foods and Royal Blue Grocery. Sold at many Austin area locations.



Founded in Austin, Whole Foods has become a standard of produce quality. The Seafood Counter is a hidden gem inside of the store, serving some of the freshest fish in the city, along with delicious vegetables.  Or Grab a Smoothie, Salad, or PreMade Meal and enjoy a relaxing meal in the dining room or on their patio.  Definitely leave room for NadaMoo!…a perfect summertime dessert.

TIP: Open 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. Coffee bar opens at 6:00 am.

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Located at 525 North Lamar Boulevard, Old West Austin.