Hopfields, is one of the trendiest hot spots in Austin. This cozy venue creates an amazing atmosphere to enjoy with a loved one or a group of your favorite friends.  If you are looking for a romantic night out, reserve one of their beaded private rooms, and you will surely win the heart of your date.  Hopfields is one of the few places in Austin which serves brunch daily, from 11am to 3pm and have a great place to grab a local beer on tap.

TIP: They have a great map on where to park online



Within a few blocks from Hopfields is one of the quirkiest experiences for the Holidays.  Miracle on 37th Street attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year to the neighborhood which has nativity scenes, Christmas lights and various art forms of expression. These are the type of things which sets Austin apart as a city, and you won’t be able to stop smiling as you walk the block. A great youtube video from OneFiveDoor showcases what you may see.

TIP: Wear comfy shoes and warm clothes, as you will most likely need to park far from the 37th street due to the amount of visitors.


Both Venues within 1500 feet of each other at 3110 Guadalupe Street near UT.

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