Bananarchy, a unique food truck, combines a frozen banana with a chocolate coating and an assortment of toppings. The banana can be customized to fit your preference, with add-ons such as coconut and Reese’s Pieces. The banana core removes any guilt associated with enjoying such a decadent dessert, so go ahead and pile on those M&Ms.

 TIP: Open Mon-Thurs from noon to 10:00 pm. Open Thurs-Sat from noon to midnight. Closed Sunday.
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One of the most ecclectic Food Parks in Austin is where Bananarchy parks, South First Food Court.  Trailers such as El Sol Mexico with delicious tacos, Pulse Vegan and Mama Mals are parked here among trees and picnic tables. With a huge wooden sign including iconic figures such as Leslie and Willie Nelson, this is the place to find random live music events, kids’ birthday parties and horses with Tutu laden cowgirls…100% Authentic Austin. 

TIP:  Most Trailers open from March to end of October. 



In the same South Austin Trailer Park, sits the Austin favorite trailer, Tommy Want Wingy.  With a name like this, there is no mistaken, it’s from Austin.  They serve up delicious Chicken with sauces such as “Ranch on Fire”  and “Holy Schnikes” which will be a perfect spice before devouring a frozen dessert at the neighboring Bananarchy.

TIP:  Hours Tues-Sat from 3-9pm and Sun 3-6pm.
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 South First Food Court located at 603 W Live Oak St, South Austin.