Reunion 19 is bigger than life.  The food, the staff, the vibe..it’s all good.  4 friends from LA, decided to have a “reunion” and combine all of their talents into 1, which is a great formula for success.  It takes our Tex Mex, and adds a little LA bling, and you get amazing, mouth watering dishes such as Asada Fries aka Loaded Fries instead Nachos, and my favorite, the Mulita Madame, which they call, “Sort of the Fanciest Quesadillas Ever” which has an egg on it.  Which…all of you know…I can’t pass up anything with an egg on it! So, put on your stretchy pants, and be ready for a super casual, fun spot in East Austin.

TIP: Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 




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