The Guest House was named for the hope of making people feel right at home, and this place will melt your heart.  A social club elevated to the next level with steak, oysters, and the most amazing pork chop and apple and escarole salad, along with immersive cocktail drinks which will make your entire experience over the top. With an outdoor patio garden, a bar, velvet seats and chandeliers, this is also a perfect place for a date night.  Plus, there’s a DJ playing great hip-hop or tunes to keep you feeling good. And it’s right in the middle of downtown Austin, so it a perfect place to start a magical night.  I am thrilled they opened here in Austin before Vegas!  Enjoy!

TIP: Open daily for dinner.  Download the InKind App for discounts and specials. 

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Yummi Joy is a perfect description for this spot right down the street from The Guest House. After enjoying your meal, and yummy savory goodness…a sweet is a perfect ending. It’s a candy store with lots of choices of nostalgic candy, fudge coffee beverages and soft serve ice cream. Young or old, this will bring out the “kid” in everyone who steps into the store. 



Toy Joy, owned by the same group behind Yummi Joy, right next door,  where you can get lost for hours perusing the endless nostalgic toys, novelties, and games at any price for every age.  Have you always dreamed of being a hipster?  They have 6 months of temporary mustaches delivered for only $5 a month.



2nd Street District, which is where these stores are located, with heaps of restaurants, boutique clothing, barbershop and a grocery store.  They have continuous events throughout the year, and is a great place to spend the day or night.

TIP: Parking can be found on the link above.


Located in Downtown Austin.


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