Tare is a speakeasy sushi Omakase which will make your taste buds dance! Nestled behind a law office break room, you open up a door which will transport you to another world.  The chef and their team is passionate and every single detail is planned out, included the hand made plates (by the chef!).  It’s called Kappo Styled Omakase because it is cut right there in front of you, and made into a delicious creation.  I love how he takes typical southern flavors and adds a twist to the fresh fish.  It is so much fun! Enjoy! 

TIP: Reservations required. Open Thurs-Sun for Dinner.


The Domain is right down the street from Tare, and a perfect spot to go after your meal!  The Domain is one of the premier shopping destinations in Austin and a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while shopping, drinking coffee, eating dessert or even watching a movie!  There are endless things to do for everyone.

TIP:  Parking lot maps are available on the website.


All venues located at The Domain 11410 Century Oaks Terrace, in North Austin.

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